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Who We Serve

After years of working in the industry we felt the needs of many individuals, especially young professionals, were drastically underserved. True North offers our clients on-going financial planning, investment management and personalized guidance regardless of their portfolio size. 

True North works exclusively with individuals and families who:

  • Are seeking the guidance & expertise of a financial professional to help Build, Manage & Protect their financial resources to best support the achievement of their life's goals

  • Prefer their advisor is ALWAYS required to put client's interest ahead of their own and provide advice that is solely in their client's best interests (the Fiduciary Standard)

  • Have the desire to participate in making the necessary changes to improve their larger financial picture and best support their life's goals

How We Help


Build & Maintain Your Financial Foundation

Changes occur naturally throughout life; as our lives change, so should our financial picture. The birth of a child, the purchase of a first home, a separation or divorce, the sale of a business, retirement or the passing of a loved one are just a few of the common life changes that often necessitate adjustments to our financial picture to better fit the changes we're experiencing in our lives.

No matter where you are on your life's journey, True North is dedicated to making sure that your financial foundation is best equipped to support your current and future financial picture.

Assisting our clients in creating and modifying the various pieces of their financial foundation to create a format that is convenient to use, and enables clients to more easily work towards the accomplishment of their goals


Manage & Grow Your Resources

Helping our clients apply their savings and financial resources to best support their current and future goals

At True North, helping our clients manage and grow their financial resources extends far beyond the management of investments. We believe a valuable and important part of the relationship we have with our clients is helping them better understand and evaluate their financial options - empowering our clients to make better-informed decisions and maintain a more-complete understanding of their financial lives.

In most cases this involves establishing retirement accounts, starting education funding accounts, helping clients make decisions about how much to save and where, and how to best invest that savings to accomplish current and future financial goals.


Protect & Preserve Your Lifestyle

Providing our clients with guidance and support about how to best maintain and protect the life they've created

There are few things in life with the power to cause such drastic changes as an accident, diagnosis or disaster. These events can lead to an unanticipated expense to much more serious circumstances like bankruptcy, incapacity or an untimely demise. In addition to helping our clients prepare for and handle these issues should they arise, part of our role is to provide our clients with the support and guidance needed to have these difficult conversations.


In many cases this involves establishing & maintaining an emergency fund, insurance analysis and risk mitigation, retirement income planning and estate planning. At True North, we believe it's always better to have a plan you don't need than to need a plan you don't have.  

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