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Knowing our Goal is the Compass which Guides our Decision-Making

How Do You Define Success?

For some, success is the freedom and ability to support the pursuit of a passion, or to make a positive impact on the advancement of a worthy cause.

For others, success is found in having financial security for one’s family, and providing opportunities for future generations.

For most, success is a personal blend of diverse goals, continually redefined throughout life.

Financial Life Planning

Every True North planning client starts with a personal financial life plan: a road map to help guide you from where you are now to where you want to be. Financial life planning is the process of creating financial goals designed to support and enable each person’s life goals by seeking to:

  • Understand and focus on the values and motivations in their lives

  • Determine the goals and objectives they have as their lives develop

  • Use that information to create a framework to help guide decision-making when presented with choices that may have both financial and non-financial implications.

Each financial life plan is initially created over three collaborative meetings designed to capture your current financial picture and more clearly define your vision of success. Your financial life plan will continue to adapt and evolve as life presents new challenges and opportunities. Lastly, we work with each client and coordinate with their team of financial professionals (CPA, Estate Attorney, etc.) to help implement their plan.

Our Investment Philosophy

At True North, we build portfolios using time-tested investment strategies designed to harness the power of global markets. We utilize low-cost,

tax-efficient investment vehicles to build globally diversified portfolios carefully constructed to help our clients reach their financial goals. We are part of a select group of investment managers authorized to use mutual funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Our Fees

True North provides financial planning and advice on a fee-only basis. Our fee is paid directly from our clients and is our only source of compensation for the services we provide. For ongoing planning clients, we have created a fee structure that enables us to serve a wider spectrum of clients by charging a flat monthly fee for our services. The cost of services provided will vary depending on each client's circumstances, and the size and scope of their financial resources. 

Let True North Help guide you on your path to success 

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