Different by Design

From inception, True North was founded with a singular purpose: To offer our clients the opportunity to have a different kind of relationship with their financial advisor. A relationship focused on improving our clients' lives by helping them gain a more-complete understanding of their financial picture and make better-informed financial decisions.

Unlike the traditional investment-centric advisor, at True North investments are simply just one component of our clients' larger financial picture that we work to improve. Like the compass that guides the traveler on their journey, True North provides ongoing planning and advice to help guide our clients on their path to financial success.

True North was carefully designed from the ground up to provide the individuals and families with whom we work an exceptional and unique experience. We are location-independent and select industry-leading technology to provide our clients with a simple, secure and convenient experience no matter where they call home. 

Our Core Principles

Independence is a defining characteristic of the relationship True North offers our clients. The foundation of our independence is derived from the fiduciary standard we’ve sworn to uphold; to act and advise our clients solely in their best interests. To truly uphold this standard, no outside source can be allowed to influence decision making, advice or compensation. We answer only to our clients and their interests. True North was founded as an independent firm, unaffiliated with any large banks or financial institutions which often have different interests or priorities than our clients.


Good communication is a important tenet of any successful relationship. For True North, transparency amounts to open, honest and forthright communication between advisor and client. Transparency around the services we provide and their cost, around different financial strategies we discuss and around the advice we provide our clients. At True North transparency and straightforward communication help our clients gain a more well-defined understanding of whatever’s discussed, leading to more productive relationships.


At True North, clarity works hand in hand with transparency to strengthen the value we provide our clients. Clarity doesn’t come from simply providing information but from communicating thoughts and ideas in a way that can be easily digested and understood. Industry jargon is for those within the industry. We emphasize using straightforward language when working with our clients to ensure a clear understanding of any and all topics discussed.



The Fiduciary Oath guides our core principles and is at the center of all our client relationships

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Matthew Crum, CFP 

Financial Planner, Founder

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Matt is the President and Founder of True North Financial Services. While working for an institutional wealth management firm in Connecticut, Matt learned first-hand the numerous ways an advisor can positively impact their client's lives, as well as the ways in which traditional advisors can fall short of expectations.

While in that position, Matt was afforded the unique and invaluable opportunity to learn directly from industry leaders and renowned academics in the fields of Finance & Economics. Matt was responsible for utilizing his training and experience to support a community of independent financial advisors in providing their clients with an exceptional investment experience, and continuing to improve their overall client relationships. 

True North was founded on the desire to use that knowledge and experience to offer clients a different kind of relationship with their financial advisor. True North offer clients a relationship focused on improving their larger financial picture, empowering our clients to gain a more-complete understanding of their financial lives and make better-informed financial decisions.  At True North, we strive to help each of our clients bring clarity to their vision of success, map the path to achieve their goals, and guide them along their journey.

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