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Guiding your path to financial freedom

Welcome to True North Financial Services. We are a fee-only life planning firm created to serve individuals and families seeking a different kind of relationship with their financial advisor. 

 True North provides on-going planning and guidance focused on helping our clients take control of their financial lives, and make better-informed financial decisions.

Our clients expect more

True North was founded because we felt the needs of many individuals went largely unserved. We recognize that most people seek out an advisor looking for help with more than their investments and are often disappointed by the service they receive. In addition to financial planning and investment management, our clients look to us for sound guidance and expertise to help them navigate life's challenges and take advantage of their financial opportunities to best support their goals.


Life often pulls us in many directions, sometimes all at once.
We're here to help

Each day, we're forced to make choices as to how we spend our most limited resource - our time. The average person has more demands on their time than ever before. True North provides our clients the peace of mind that comes from having confidence in their financial picture and gives our clients back more of their time to spend doing what they love.


We believe clients deserve to work with an advisor who always puts their clients' interest first. As a fiduciary, we are legally bound to always act in our clients' best interests. Our clients are confident in their financial path, in part, because they have a fiduciary helping to guide their way.


No commissions and no hidden fees - advisor compensation should be transparent and straightforward. At True North, we charge a fixed fee paid to us directly from our clients.


To our clients, independence isn't an option: it's a necessity. At True North, we offer our clients a relationship uncorrupted by affiliations with big banks or other financial institutions. We answer only to our clients.

Custom Planning

Every client is different and so is their financial plan. We collaborate with each client to map their unique path to financial success and provide continuous support and council to guide them along the way.

Success is a journey of many directions taken one step at a time 

Let True North be your guide

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