Knowing our Goal is the Compass

that Guides our Decision-Making



Portfolio Analysis

Peek under the hood and get a second look

A complimentary, in-depth look at your current portfolio that can be used to evaluate how well it fits with your preferences and financial goals. The analysis details internal costs, the investments you own, and your overall level of diversification.

Project-Based Financial Planning

Put your mind at ease by discussing your most pressing concerns

We'll discuss two major areas of concern, such as student loan debt, budgeting, employee benefits (401k, 403B, etc.), saving/ investing for the future, etc. Following our meeting you will receive an email summarizing the topics we discussed, and an action plan designed to help you accomplish your goals. Finally, we offer a follow-up phone call to discuss the action plan in detail and answer any questions.

On-Going Financial Planning

On-going relationship for help with financial planning, financial decision-making and investing

True North was founded on the idea that people wanted and needed a different kind of relationship with their financial advisor. At True North, our primary focus is to work with a select group of clients to help them plan and position themselves for success. With a deep understanding of our client’s goals and preferences, True North helps guide our client's financial decision-making and creates planning focused on working towards their vision of success.


Our Planning Process

Are we a good Fit?


All our new client relationships begin with an informal meeting to briefly get to know each other. The purpose of this introductory meeting is to get an understanding of what kind of help a prospective client is looking for, and if we are a good fit, to discuss what the client experience is like at True North.

Getting to Know our Clients

We believe that in order to serve our clients best, we need to truly understand all the aspects that makes each person uniquely them. During our initial financial planning process, we start by taking the time to understand each client’s background, dreams, goals, priorities,

and experiences with money, to truly get to know them.

Planning for Success

Once we have a clear understanding of our client and their vision of success, we can begin planning a path to achieve it. We work with each client and their trusted advisors (CPA, Trust Attorney, Insurance Agent) to discuss and develop strategies designed to achieve their specific goals and implement a plan that’s uniquely built for them.

Ready for Change


The only constant in life is change. As life undoubtedly brings major changes for all of us, a financial plan must change too, or become obsolete. After all, what good is a plan designed to achieve a result that is no longer our goal? To ensure that we are focused on the same objectives, we work to meet with our clients throughout the year and maintain relationships that encourage open communication, to discuss and adapt to any such changes when they occur.


 Mailing Address:
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